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Joe Golby

Fight Choreographer, Action Arranger, Utility Stunts

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Joe has dozens industry contacts including specialist performers some with over five thousand hours training in stage combat, acting and many other skills such as gymnastics, firearms handling, horse riding, falls and circus skills. Available to hire individually or in groups, all have on set experience and live performance credits.

Using specialist Fight/Action Performers will save you valuable on set time and yield vastly superior results compared to untrained actors or extras. Most importantly they will keep you, your crew and other actors safe at all times. Booking rates are without doubt the most competitive in the industry and we try to accommodate almost any budget. Roles can include:

  • Featured fight performers
  • Background action extras
  • Fight/stunt doubles for talent
  • Trained actors with fight/stunt abilities
  • Display Groups
  • Green screen & motion capture performers 

Performers below have worked for clients such as Disney, Google, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Ford, Discovery UK, History Channel, The Sunday Times, Shakespeare's Globe, ENO as well as on feature films including Robin Hood, Ironclad, John Carter of Mars, Snow White and Prometheus.