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Joe Golby

Fight Choreographer, Action Arranger, Utility Stunts

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"Singularity" (2015) - Raw TV / History Channel
Director: Jonathan Gales   Genre: Documentary Drama

"Kate Dreams" (2014) - Art Partner
Director: Stella McCarntney   Genre: Commercial

"5 a Side" (2014) - Emerald Films / BT Sport
Director: Ben Hume-Paton   Genre: Comedy Drama

"Footlocker Viral" (2014) - Footlocker / Pulse Films
Genre: Commercial Campaign

"Medowland Double" (2013) - Unilever / Wailing Banshee 
Director: David Baumber  Genre: Commercial Campaign

"'Remember Me' - Video Game" (2013) - CAPCOM / Bigballs Films
Director: Gav Rowe  Genre: Commercial Campaign

"2012 Olympic/Paralympic PR Stunts" (2012) -  Cunning / Ch4 
Director: Anna Carlos  Venue: Various, London 

TV Pilot (2012) - Channel 5 / Emerald Films
Director: Richard Elson  Genre: Family Drama (assistant action coordinator)

"Chevrolet Viral" (2012) - Chevrolet / Mofilm
Director: Ali Patterson  Genre: Online

"Aviva Insurance - Olympics" (2012) - Aviva / Alison Jackson
Director: Alison Jaxkson  Genre: Commercial - Online & Stills

"Ford's Real World Challange" (2012) -Ford                                
Director: Julie Prickett  Genre: Online Commercial

"Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters" (2011-2012) - Channel 4, Discovery / Wildfire Television  
Director: Ben Steele  Genre: Drama Documentary

"Hadouken! / Parasite" (2012) - The Ministry of Sound
Director: Aubrey Woodiwiss   Genre: Music Video

"Crusaders: Back from the Dead" (2011) - Channel 4 / October Films
Director: Mat Catling   Genre: Drama Documentary

"London's Burning" (2011) - Channel 4 / Juniper TV (assistant action coordinator)
Director: Justin Hardy   Genre: Factual Drama

"Warrior Graveyard" (2011) - National Geographic / October Films
Director: Mat Catling   Genre: Drama Documentary

"Follow Me! The Job of my Life!" (2011) - ZDF (Germany) / Loebsack TV
Director: Werner Lackner   Genre: Reality TV / Entertainment

"The Empire" (2011) - MBC / European Broadcast Ltd
Director: Rehan Malik   Genre: Historical Drama Pilot        
"The Today Show" (2011) - NBC / Universal Group                                                                
Director: Carol Marquis  Genre: News / Entertainment 
"Ebru / Prisoner" (2011) - The Hit Room
Director: Leigh Brookes   Genre: Music Video


"Worm" (2015) - Cast Iron Picture Co
Director: Keir Burrows  Genre: SciFi Thriller

"Welcome to Curiosity" (2014) - Jericho Lane Pictures
Director: Ben Pickering  Genre: Thriller

"Set the Thames on Fire" (2014) - Blonde to Black Ltd
Director: Ben Charles Edwards  Genre: Drama

"Hot Property" (2014) - Fortune Films
Director: Max McGill  Genre: Comedy/Drama

"K-Shop" (2014) - White Lantern Films
Director: Dan Pringle  Genre: Thriller/Horror

"Sixteen" (2013) - Seize Films Ltd
Director: Rob Brown  Genre: Thriller

"Delicious" (2013) - Delicious the Film Ltd
Director: Tammy Riley-Smith  Genre: Romcom

"Acceptance" (2012) - Princess Films
Director: Richard John Taylor  Genre: Drama

"Judas Ghost" (2012) - Falling Shadows Productions
  Director: Simon Pearce   Genre: Horror

 "May I Kill U?" (2012) - Cyclops Vision
Director: Stuart Urban  Genre: Comedy / Thriller

"GBH" (2012) - Chata Pictures
Director: Simon Phillips  Genre: Crime / Drama (assistant coordinator)

"The Hooligan Wars" (2012) - Press On Features
Director: Paul Tanter  Genre: Crime / Drama (assistant coordinator)

"Fifteen" (2012) - Princess Films

Director: Richard John Taylor   Genre: Crime / Drama

"TAG" (2012-13) - 17th Southern Pictures
Director: Paul Jones   Genre: Thriller

"Z.1" (2012) - National Film and Television School
Director: Gabriel Gauchet    Genre: Horror/Comedy

"The Silent Land" (2012) - National Film and Television School
Director: Andrew Cumming    Genre: Drama

"Shark" (2012) - MET Film School
Director: John Summerville & Matt Hutchings   Genre: Drama

"Dimensions" (2011) - Sculptures of Dazzling Complexity Ltd
Director: Sloan U'Ren  Genre: Science Fiction

"Evil Never Dies" (2011) - Equilibrium Films
 Director: Martyn Pick   Genre: Horror                                                                    

"Locked" (2011) - LockedTheMovie Ltd                                                         
Director: Jay Trusler & Yannis Tsakiridis   Genre: Crime

"The Juice" (2011) - Chelsford Film Alliance Ltd
Director: Philip Thompson   Genre: Horror

"Dead Crazy" (2010) - FilmTheatre Company                                                             
Director: Frank Scantori  Genre: Horror


"Sniper Pug" (2014) - YouTube / TomSka
Director:  Jack Howard  Genre: Online Comedy Viral

"Bad Burglars 3" (2014) - YouTube / TimH
Director: Tim Hautekiet  Genre: Online Comedy Viral

"Project Library" (2013) - YouTube/ TimH
Director: Tim Hautekiet and Jack Howard  Genre: Web Series

"Christmas Demolition" (2012) - YouTube/ TomSka
Director: Thomas Ridgewell  Genre: Online Comedy Viral

"If LARPers Could Kill" (2013) - YouTube/ Khyan
Director: Khyan Mansely  Genre: Online Comedy

"5-a-Side" (2014) - Emerald Films
Director: Ben Hume-Paton   Genre: Comedy Drama


"Swallowing Smoke" (2015) - Central Film School 
Director: Elana Ospinova   Genre: Thriller

"Slayers" (2015) - MET Film School 
Director: Max Aaron   Genre: Horror

"Foxtrot One One" (2014) - MP Productions 
Director: Mark Pearce   Genre: Period Drama

"Supersonic" (2014) - Neath Films 
Director: Sam Dore   Genre: Drama

"Watch Over Me" (2014) - CBA Productions 
Director: Simon Pearce   Genre: Action Thriller

"A Day in the Part" (2014) - MET Film School 
Director: Jamie Stirling   Genre: Thriller

"The Showreel" (2014) - Cast Iron Pictures 
Director: Keir Burrows   Genre: Drama

"Storm Clouds" (2014) - MET Film School 
Director: Max Aaron   Genre: Thriller

"Hard to Lose" (2014) - London Film School
Director: Manfredi Mancuso   Genre: Drama

BFI Film Academy - Talent Campus (2013) - BFI / NFTS
Director: -  Venue: NFTS

"Draugar" (2013) - Event Films Ltd
Director: Paul Coutrulia   Genre: Action Horror

"Hard to Lose"
(2013) - London Film School
Director: Manfredi  Mancuso   Genre: Drama

"Wasps Nest" (2013) - Film London
Director: Joe Mannion   Genre: Drama

"Howdens Joinery - Safety Training Video" (2012)
 - Bubble Up
Director: Roy Peterson   Genre: Corporate Video

"Fake Take - Miliband Down a Manhole" (2012) - The Sunday Times
Director: Alison Jackson  Genre: Comedy/Spoof

"Avenue to Nowhere" (2012) - Lucid Film Productions
Director: Jacob Migicovsky   Genre: Film Noir

"Dregs: A Love Story" (2012) - La Fin Ltd
Director: Richard Rudy & Stephen Scott-Hayward
  Genre: Horror

"Dog Eat Dog"
(2012) - Shorts International
Director: Alex Norris   Genre: Drama

"Frozen" (2012) - Restless by Nature
Director: Katherine Evans  Genre: Drama

"Grace" (2012) - CSSD
Director: Keir Burrows  Genre: Drama / SciFi

"The Silent Land" (2012) - NFTS
Director: James Cotton  Genre: Drama / SciFi

"A Mug's Game" (2012) - Central Film School
Director: Pedro Freitas  Genre: Drama

"Rose, Mary & Time" (2011) - HD Productions
Director: Hardeep Giani  Genre: Drama

"Spine" (2011) - Spine Films
Director: Carra Barry  Genre: Drama 

"Sanctuary" (2011) - VonVier Films

 Director: Maximillian Von Vier   Genre: SciFi Thriller                                                                             

"The Swordsman of Telawny" (2010) - Clapham South Productions

 Director: Jason Young   Genre: Animation

"Foulness" (2009) - Better than Petrol Productions
Director: Tom Barrett   Genre: SciFi / Horror                                                                                          

"Legio" (2009) - Bullshead Productions
Director: Steve Bull  Genre: Fantasy              

"Next Global Crisis" (2010-2015) - NGC Productions
Director: Andrew Fraser  Genre: Online Live Action Comic Book

"Press Your Lips Together" (2011) - London Film School
Director: Daina Oniunas-Pusic   Genre: Drama

"Scissors" (2011) - London Film School                                                                                            
Director: Kenny Parker   Genre: Drama

"Daddy's Boy" (2011) - London MET Film School                                                                                 
Director: Sukoluhle Tshabango  Genre: Drama

"Free" (2011) - London MET Film School
Director: Edward St Paul  Genre: Action                                                                                       

"Estate of Mind" (2010) - London MET Film School
Director: Joel Fowler  Genre: Crime

"Tearaway" (2010) - London MET Film School
Director: Erin Mochan   Genre: Drama

"About Sharks 'n Small Fish" (2010) - London MET Film School
Director: Thiago De Souza   Genre: Crime

"A Greater Love" (2010) - London MET Film School
Director: Jacek Holdanowicz   Genre: Drama

"Guy, Early 20's" (2010) - Buckingham University 
Director: Chavonne Farley   Genre: Drama


"Business of Murder" (2015) - Middleground Theatre 
Director: Michael Lunney   Venue: UK Tour 

"Peter Pan" (2014) - Evolution Productions 
Director: Brad Fitt Venue: Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury 

"The Eye of a Needle" (2014) - Gunshot Productions
Director: Holly Race-Roughan  Venue: Southwark Playhouse
, London

"Enduring Song" (2014) - Beartrap Theatre
Director: Jesse Briton  Venue: Southwark Playhouse
, London

"The Jew of Malta" (2014) - Forth Monkey

"Our Country's Good" (2014) - Forth Monkey

Yerma"  (2014) - Forth Monkey

Romeo & Juliet" (2013) - Guildford School of Acting
Director: Sarah Marlin  Venue: Regional Tour

"Tape" (2012) - Trafalgar Studios
Director: Thomas King  Venue:
Trafalgar Studios, West End

"Il Tabarro" (2012) - Arcola Theatre
Director: Aylin Bozok  Venue:
Arcola Theatre

"The Erpingham Camp" (2012) - Forth Monkey
Director: John Fricker  Venue: TheSpace UK, Edinburgh

"Spring Awakening" (2012) - Outfox Productions
Director: John Fricker  Venue: Brockley Jack Theatre, London  
"Sense & Sensibility" (2012) - Chapterhouse Theatre Company
 Director: Laura Turner  Venue: UK Tour

 "Lunt Fort" (2010) - EGO Performance Company                                      
 Director: Georgina Egan  Venue: Lunt Fort, Coventry                                        

"The Three Musketeers" (2010) - Spontaneous Productions
Director: Jonathan Kaufman   Venue: The Dolphin, London

"The Roses of Whitechapel" (2010) - Spontaneous Productions
Director: Juliette Grassby   Venue: The Hen & Chickens
"The Bay" (2009) - Fragments International Ensemble

 Director: Shane Dempsey   Venue: Theatre 503

"The Little Mermaid" (2008) - C Theatre

 Director: Henry Bell  Venue: C Venues, Edinburgh

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2008) - Scarlet Blade Theatre
Director: Richard Hay   Venue: European Tour

"The Jabberwock" (2008) - Scarlet Blade Theatre
Director: Devised   Venue: C Venues, Edinburgh

"Noir" (2008) - KDC Theatre
Director: Nick Mouton  Venue: The Hen & Chickens, London

"The Absurdity of Vanilla" (2008) - 2 Headed Pigeon Theatre
Director: Devised   Venue: C Venues, Edinburgh